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Welcome to our Community Page at Millgrove Garden Supplies. We feel blessed that so many of our customers choose us to help make their beautiful garden and landscape projects come alive through our quality products. We love seeing the photos that come out of those projects, so we thought maybe the world would too! That’s why we created this community page – so that you could share your beautiful gardens and properties with your friends and family, with us, and with the world.

Sharing is easy! All you have to do is fill in any of the information below that will help tell the story of your project, select the photo to upload, and click Submit Post. We will review the submission for appropriateness (thinking of the children), and once approved, post them to the gallery. You can tell your family and friends that your property is a celebrity, and share the page with them.

We can hardly wait to see how your hard work and creativity comes to life!

Submit your photos.