Celebrate our 65th Anniversary Together With These Feature Items.

Featured Items for August

Black Loam     Regular – $46.50/yard     Sale – $41.00/yard

Applications: This is a very light soil and is excellent to add to a garden that is heavy in texture. It is very dark so it also adds visual appeal. This product is also good for top dressing.

Brown Dyed Mulch and Red Dyed Mulch     Regular – $49.99/yard     Sale – $47.99/yard

Applications: Excellent for adding to the top of flower beds to increase the aesthetic appeal, retain moisture, and deter weed growth. Shredded Pine is a pleasant naturally dark brown.

Notes Regarding the Sale Items:

  • These discounts do not apply to contractors.
  • Volume discounts cannot be applied to sale items.

A Special thank you to our Contractors:

As a special thank you to contractors for their faithful patronage, and to celebrate our anniversary with them, we will offer discounts all year on the following:

  • Contractor’s Sand: Regular Price – $20.00/yard  Sale Price: $15.00/yard
  • Multi-Mix: Regular Price – $17.00/yard  Sale Price: $16.00/yard